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Executive Overview


2009-2012 © HRWDP/IHLRP is a plan of action creating the symbiosis necessary for sustained development and growth/potential infrastructure for the developing nations on earth. The projects main intent for the near term is to implement the mechanics necessary to arrest and reverse the ongoing degenerative cycles of starvation, malnutrition, thirst, disease, poverty and the horrific tragedy of landmine’s endured by countless thousands of suffering mankind. This is possible to achieve because of increased levels of awareness of concerned individuals, organizations, entities and governments. The level of various technologies has increased, allowing for exponential amounts of food and product development. These, coupled with the best and latest scientific discoveries in the fields of nutrition and medicine, industry and computer technologies, enhance the spirit capability of tens/hundreds of thousands of dedicated individuals.

When all of these are joined together for the common purposes and goals of peace, health and prosperity, it will enable the turnaround restoration of such paradigm shifts to occur. We at HRWDP/IHLRP, have struggled individually and as a group for 10/15/20 years to this point in time, to create such a platform as is necessary to initiate such a realistic endeavor. Because this effort has been painstakingly developed over the past 10/15 years, it has been orchestrated in concert and harmony with the needs and abilities of man. If man has been able to travel to the moon numerous times, then, we can solve the problems of hunger, thirst, disease and poverty. Solving these basic concerns will give cause for prosperity resulting in peace among men and between nations. We at HRWDP/IHLRP have planted such seed, of dedicated individuals.

  a) Plan/Strategy/Method and Approach - Many high profile individuals with distinguished careers, 517 plus representatives from multi-national aerospace corporations, universities, departments of defense, state departments, as well as, approximately 200 Ambassadors - are at various levels of alert readiness, on standby, expecting for us to perform. The overall projects consist of three phases of development. Each with levels of expected achievements. The entire operation is results-oriented, coupled with minimal risk factors in all areas of concern. Each phase covers a time period of 5 years. Each level of each phase is interwoven with the next level and phase. This symbiotic characteristic of being interdependent while remaining independent, creates an atmosphere whereby a strong fabric becomes woven together by 3-strand cords. A 3-strand cord is not quickly broken.
  b) Time Frame Costs/Financial Considerations - The project can be viewed as being accomplished in/over 3 phases or levels. Each phase/level consists of a time period of 5 years.
Initial ramp up of operations will occur in/at phase/level 1, entering into 45 countries. Main emphasis will be concentrated/spearheaded in/from/on 3 fronts. They are:

  1) HRWDP (Humanity Resources World Development Project) (10 years - US$ 196.8 B/15 years - US$ 295.2 B) - consisting of food, water, energy, waste remediation, housing, schools, hospital/medical

  2) ILHRP (International Landmine Humanitarian Removal Project) (10 years - US$257.9 B/15 years - US$ 417.8 B) - 150 demining facilities in 37/45 countries including 46,000 personnel, equipment and supplies

  3) NWR (Nuclear Waste Remediation) (5yrs - US$125 B/10yrs - US$175 B/15yrs - US$ 200 B) - covers a geographic consideration of 5 major target areas in the world. Chenobyl, US/Canada/Europe, former Soviet Republics. These areas, will utilize 2 separate approaches/technologies to accomplish the same method.   more.... please download below.


  Download: Executive Overview

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